What is HTML?

HTML-Hyper Text phrasing might be a wording for making a web page. locales are normally seen during a program . they will incorporate composition, connections, pictures, and even solid and video. HTML is utilized to check and depict every one of those sorts of substance in this way the program can show them effectively. HTML additionally can be wont to add meta data to a web page. Meta data is ordinarily not appeared by internet browsers and is information about the online page,for e.g, the name of the one that made the page. Falling Style Sheets (CSS) is utilized to style HTML components while JavaScript is utilized to control HTML components and CSS styles.


HTML utilizes unique bits of programming language called “labels” to let the program aptitudes a web page should look. The labels for the most part are accessible sets: a hole tag characterizes the start of a square of substance and an end tag characterizes the highest point of that square of substance. There are numerous different sorts of labels, and each one highlights an alternate reason. See Basic HTML Tags beneath for label models.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> title of the page.</title> 
<p>This is a paragraph tag.</p> 
<a href=”>This is a link tag.</a> 
<img src=”image.jpg” alt=”Image”