What is Python And features of Python

What is Python?

Python is an Associate in Nursing comprehended, object-arranged, elevated level programming language with dynamic etymology. Its significant level in-constructed data structures, joined with dynamic typing and dynamic authoritative, make it horrendously captivating for fast Application Development, also as to be utilized as a scripting or paste language to append existing components along. Python’s clear, direct to discover punctuation underlines coherence and in this manner diminishes the cost of program support. Python underpins modules and bundles, which motivates program measured quality and code reprocess. The Python mediator and in this way the concentrated typical library zone unit available in gracefully or double kind at no expense for every single significant stage, and might be uninhibitedly dispersed.

Python Features

1) direct to discover and Use

2) informative Language

3) got Language

4) Cross-stage Language

5) Free and Open gracefully

6) Object-Oriented Language

7) protractible

8) mammoth typical Library

9) GUI Programming Support

10) Integrated



Points of interest of Python

The Python language has heterogeneous application in code advancement firms like in preoccupation, web systems and applications, language improvement, prototyping, realistic style applications, and so forth. This gives the language the following exorbitantly unique programming dialects used in the business. some of its gifts are-

Broad Support Libraries

It gives goliath typical libraries that grasp the regions like string activities, Internet, web access instruments, bundle interfaces and conventions. The greater part of the incredibly utilized programming undertakings are units previously scripted into it that restricts the length of the codes to be written in Python.

Incorporation Feature

Python incorporates the Enterprise Application Integration that produces it direct to create internet providers by conjuring COM or elapid components. it’s ground-breaking the board abilities since it calls straightforwardly through CC++ or Java by means of Jython. Python conjointly forms XML and diverse markup dialects since it will run on all in vogue operational frameworks through an equal PC memory unit code.

Improved Programmer’s Productivity

The language has concentrated help libraries and clean article arranged styles that expansion 2 to 10 overlay of software engineer’s efficiency while abuse the dialects like Java, VB, Perl, CC++ and C#.


With its strong technique reconciliation alternatives, unit testing structure and expanded administration abilities contribute towards the amassed speed for some applications and efficiency of utilizations. it’s a decent opportunities for building rise capable multi-convention arrange applications.



Hindrances of Python

Python has changed favorable alternatives, and software engineers like this language to various programming dialects because of it’s clear to discover and code as well. Notwithstanding, this language has still not made its place in some figuring fields that highlights Enterprise Development retailers. Accordingly, this language probably won’t settle some of the undertaking arrangements, and impediments incorporate

Trouble in abuse various Languages

The Python sweethearts become along these lines mindful of its choices and its serious libraries, all together that they face issues in learning or following up on various programming dialects. Python specialists may even observe the proclaiming of strong “qualities” or variable “types”, linguistic necessities of including fresh supports or semicolons as Associate in Nursing troublesome undertakings.

Feeble in Mobile Computing

Python has made its quality on a few work area and server stages, anyway it’s viewed as a powerless language for portable processing. This can be the clarification just a couple of versatile applications are unit in-fabricated like Carbondale.

Gets Slow in Speed

Python executes with the help of an Associate in Nursing translator instead of the compiler, that makes it hinder because of gathering and execution encourages it to figure as a rule. Then again, it is regularly observed that it’s brisk for a few web applications as well.

Run-time Errors

The Python language is progressively typewritten in this manner it’s few style limitations that are accounted for by some Python engineers. it’s even observed that it needs extra testing time, and in this way the mistakes show up once the applications region unit at long last runs.

Immature data Access Layers

When contrasted with the famous innovations like JDBC and ODBC, the Python’s data get to layer is seen as a limited quantity immature and crude. Be that as it may, it can’t be applied inside the undertakings that require wash cooperation of cutting edge legacy data.


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