What is Java And Features of Java

What is Java Programming?

Java might be a general fake language that is class-based, object-situated, and intended to possess as not many execution conditions as feasible. Java might be a compose once, run-anyplace fake language created by Sun Micro frameworks. it’s practically similar to C and C++ anyway bounty simpler. you’ll blend Java in with a lot of advancements like Spring, hub jsAndroidHadoopJ2EE, and so forth…


Highlights of Java Programming

1. Java is Simple: The Java fake language is clear to be told

2. Java is Associate in Nursing Object-Oriented counterfeit language

3. Java underpins valuable programming

4. Java is solid

5. Java is Secure

6. Java is High Performance

7. Java is Multi strung


Java Basic welcome Hello World Program

class Hello World


open static void main(String args[])


System.out.println(“Hello World”);/Prints on screen “Hi World”




Hi World


Points of interest of Java

* Java is direct to be told.

* Java was intended to be clear to utilize and is in this manner direct to record, incorporate, investigate, and learn than various programming dialects.

* Java is object-situated.

* This permits you to shape standard projects and reusable code.

* Java is stage free.

* One of the preeminent significant endowments of Java is its capacity to move essentially from one registering framework to an alternate. the ability to run a proportional program on numerous elective frameworks is essential to World Wide net bundle, and Java prevails at this by being stage autonomous at each the flexibly and twofold levels.

Inconveniences of Java

Execution. Java programs set aside for any longer effort to run contrasted with C/C++.

1. Memory

2. Cost

3. Low level programming

4. Trash grouping

5. No unsigned sorts as opposed to C/C++, Java doesn’t bolster unsigned int, unsigned scorch, and so on.


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